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Just as you heard in Richard’s story in the video above, we have thousands of people around the world who have similar problems or different ones. Yours may be similar or different from Richard’s or other people’s, but a problem  is a burden that requires immediate attention so you can get a relief from suffering.  This is where Great Light Healing Ministries Outreach Team can make a difference in your life, your family and loved ones.

We are a ministry with a mandate to reach out and touch the lives of individuals and families across the globe. Our core purpose is to impact humanity with results and offer support to those in need. Are you facing disappointments, life challenges, financial and family distresses or carrying heavy burdens? Have you tried to turn things around with your own power, knowledge and strength and have failed? Now it is the time for you to trust the Power of Christ by trusting your Great Light Healing Ministries Outreach Team to be by your side, walk with you and achieve concrete results.

We are not talking church, we are talking transformation! It takes only one or two visits to discover it for yourself, but patience and commitment will be great tools to materialize your dreams.

The approach of this Ministry is to equip you with transformative tools needed to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. It is a place where you can enjoy wholesome life on all dimensions of life: spiritual, physical, and psychological (emotional/mental).

At Great Light Healing Ministries, regardless of your story, you can create and generate your own testimonials by allowing The Team to support you every step of the way—to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Click the link below to watch more of what God has done for others through This Ministry. Your own testimony is on the way, so give hope a chance.

Do you desire to grow more in your knowledge of Christ and see more tangible Biblical-based acts of God through teachings that can transform and give your life a new beginning and meaning, just review some of the teachings by clicking the link below:

Do you need someone to pray for you or your loved ones?

Do you need someone to pray for you or your loved one?

Call Our Prayer Line:  

+1-833-436-7729 (1- 833- I DO PRAY)

For other enquiries please call: 

+1 (604) 598-0084

Are you facing crisis and need therapy or counseling?

Call Rising Above The Waters Consultation Services to help you rise above any circumstances and situation today:

+1 (604) 630-7242


Rising Above the Waters Consultation Services (RAW) is mandated to empower individuals with holistic approach to care through restorative/reparative ways of problem solving. RAW also provides services such as mentoring, coaching, consultation and counseling to help you achieve wholesome living. Services are provided in-person or virtual

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Empowering individuals from all walks of life, through restorative services, in order to make holistic approach to care more successful and achievable.