Scholarships & Awards

A. Instructions:

1. The deadline for submission of application is: April 30, 2020

2. Scholarships will be awarded in: Fall 2020

B. Terms and Conditions

1. Only completed applications accompanied by all supporting documents will be considered. Applications are to be submitted to the Scholarship Representative.

All submitted supporting documents will be verified before eligibility can be determined.

2. Scholarships will be based on Academic Merit. Please discuss the eligibility requirements with your Financial Awards and Bursary Representative.

3. Scholarships are limited in number. Even if an applicant meets scholarship criteria, we may not be able to award them this particular scholarship. Thus, we encourage students to apply for others on our website.

4. Applicants will be assessed according to the criteria set out for each bursary and scholarship category.

5. Applicants may be requested to submit further information or to attend an interview session with the scholarship committee.

6. Scholarships are not transferable; student’s withdrawing or changing their course start date will forfeit any scholarship awarded.

7. Scholarships are subject to applicants successfully meeting the requirements of each term and condition set out, including grade average, proof of complete enrolment and confirmation of the courses you have registered for.

9. If the scholarship recipient withdraws from the academic program after your institution’s withdrawal deadline and you have been awarded either this or any scholarship from us, the money must be fully refunded to us.

10. Scholarship recipients agree to become ambassadors of The Abraham Jones Scholarship Program and agree to participate in activities such as attending a reward event; providing short articles or video as a thank you gift to the founder of this scholarship. This might also include your pictures taken for newsletters, website and blogs as needed.

11. Applicants are allowed to only apply for either a scholarship or bursary and not both.