Man of God

Who is The Man of God, Our Daddy?

Prophet Abraham Jones is a Man of God filled with the Holy Spirit. He is married to Joshabelle and father of three (2 boys and 1 girl). He is a great teacher of the Word of faith and truth because God told him to “raise a people of faith that will please God and take the healing power of God all across the globe.” This vision permeates all that he does in his life and ministry. If it is not pleasing to God, he does not endorse it.

He is also a healing minister being used by Jesus Christ to touch lives on all fronts. As a prophet of God, he teaches The Word of God in totality of the truth without sugar-coating. He sees and hears from God directly and ministers to people as the Spirit of God is leading him. Under the prophetic spirit, he is very strict and staunch, and he can easily be misunderstood as meanspirited, rude or even nasty. Yet, he is one who moves only by The Spirit and as The Bible says, “The Spirit man is unpredictable as no one can tell which direction they go or come from.

To dismantle wrong perceptions of The Man of God so you can know him better, you need to learn about his ways with God by spending time in his services as well as taking the orientation classes. Amen. So, one may ask, “Who is The Man of God?” He is a man but a special person from God to mankind of this generation. His birth, calling and who he is are all backed up by The Scriptures. Why was he born or why is he here on Earth?