Join & Grow : Alpha Course

Welcome to Great Light Healing Ministries Int’l: City of Faith Join and Grow Course! This is equivalent to the most popular Alpha courses offered to introduce people to Christianity. We are glad to have you join us in learning about Christianity.


The answer is not farfetched. There comes a time in everyone’s life, regardless of class, status, race or gender, where each and every one of us begins to think about our life, and in trying to figure out, and we trying to put all the puzzles together, we often ask questions like, why on Earth are we here, what is the purpose of our existence, where did we come from, where do we go from here, and the questions do not seem to stop or end. In trying to find answers for these questions, some of us turned to different theories, hoaxes and beliefs that seem altogether confusing and pointless.   

In addition, it can be troublesome for many who have no foundational knowledge about The Trinity and say that they believe in Jesus Christ because He healed them or gave them something their heart desired. Not knowing The Trinity and how important they are to our life as believers make a lot of things go wrong. This course is also good for those who want to refresh their memory or what they learned from childhood about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.   

This is why the JOIN & Grow COURSE is specially designed to help you answer some of the above questions by introducing you to the foundations of the Bible, advent and departure of Jesus Christ, the promise of The Holy Spirit, and how to walk with Him. You will also know a bit about how to be a Christian in absence of Jesus Christ in the physical, but having HIM in your life Spirit-based faith practice.   

This course can never give you all the answers about Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and God, but it would serve as an introduction or provide you with basic knowledge about Who is Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, God, and how The Trinity functions in the life of a believer, especially if you are new to Christianity. Please note that information provided to you in this course is only the basics as you continue to attend services and partake in teachings of GLHMI, you will get to know a whole lot more so you can embellish your knowledge and grow properly in ways that make you pleasing to God as a child of God.  


In all that you have known and will know, please understand also that the Bible is the only true source of all information about God, Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ (The Trinity) and mankind, beginning of life until the end of the same. It is important to only believe what you are taught from the Bible, do it, and not get yourself into other ways of knowing God. As such, as a new believer, you have to strive to make The Bible, The Holy Scriptures, your only true source of information about your life in Christ as well. 


Before we delve into this study, we want to congratulate you for choosing to follow Jesus Christ, the truth, the way and the life. Glory be to Jesus Christ, the Saviour, Messiah of the whole world. Your new life begins here! Please enjoy. Further to what is said above, for the duration of this course, you will learn about the foundations, the basics about Christianity from The Bible: Beginning of life, what went wrong, why Jesus Christ had to be born, live and die.  His promises to the believer after His resurrection. You will also learn from the Scriptures how The Holy Spirit can help your life, your walk with God and for becoming and living as a Christian.  Please note that the contents in this study booklet is not the full comprehensive picture of the Bible, but the basics or the necessary things you need to know about the Bible.  


You are now on your way for adventure with Jesus Christ. You have made the greatest and the most important choice in your life to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.  You are blessed!!  Click here to register.