“We believe that in order for any child of God to grow and develop in their walk with God they need to be involved in Kingdom Stewardship.” The following are some of the ministries that you can consider if you think you are being let into any of them.


We have a Nursery for children ages 3 and under and we have a children’s department for children ages 4 to 7 during ministration. In the children’s department caregivers teach from the messages taught by The Man of God, learn songs, do arts & crafts, recreational activities outside, feed and nurture your children while you enjoy The Word of God and His glorious presence. These ministries also involve your children in various activities based on what event is upcoming: skits, recitals and plays.


This ministry is for youth ages 13-22. It meets once monthly to discuss real life matters. For example, striving to be a good Christian in a world of corruption and sin. The youth are taught how to be godly in every aspect of their lives and, teaching them how to behave respectfully everywhere. They are also taught kingdom stewardship, labour and faithfulness to the call of God upon their lives. Topics range from being a good Christian to being prepared to get married the godly way. During major events, they are also involved in recitals, skits, speeches, choreography, and music ministries.


This ministry is primarily for those who are interested in learning and knowing from the Scriptures, how to live the Bible way. Topics touch on what our responsibilities, duties and roles are in God’s Kingdom, how to take care of ourselves (financially, emotionally/psychologically, spiritually, socially, and physically). And most importantly, how to be patient and wait on God’s timing for their marital lives. It is very important for all believers to know that not marrying according to God’s proper timing and with His permission can have dire consequences that not only affect the individual but also the body of Christ. Even though it is called “waiting on God’s timing” for singles, as children of God, anyone of us could be waiting on God for things that are not related to marriage. Age limit: 23 and above. Meeting frequency: monthly


This ministry is for married couples and those who are engaged. The topics centre on godliness, good Christian character and behaviour in marriage. Marriage is a ministry orchestrated by God for the purpose of enjoying God’s glory. This glory should be evident in our relationship with each other (man and woman), with God (and The Holy Spirit as well), and our children. The by-product of this glory is its impacts on the society as a whole. As our marriages thrive by God’s grace and The Word, our children will be imparted by the life that we live and in turn end up being better off people of God that He can use to touch more lives. Through this process, the cycle of body of Christ, which is also the bride of Jesus, continues to perpetuate without being halted or aborted. Through this ministry, it is an opportunity to restore freshness, revival, and beauty that was once lost in our marriages. You don’t have to hide your pains, grief, disappointments, shame and sorrows relating to your marriage anymore. God has given us the grace to deal with everything within this ministry and it is all confidential. As you become a partaker, you will swear an oath of secrecy so that what is discussed in God’s House does not go outside. There is genuineness, openness and liberty amongst us all. Disclosure is not mandatory.


As a newcomer, you are required to attend an 8-week orientation workshop that teaches you the basics about Great Light and what you need to succeed in your walk with God while here. It is also a requirement for membership if you desire to become a member. These workshops are held in the evenings. Please indicate your interest by clicking the link below.


These ministries encompass praise & worship team (singers: alto, baritone, tenor, bass, and soprano), and instrumentalists (guitarists: base and guitar, keyboardists (piano and keyboard), congas, flute, trombone, trumpet, clarinet, and saxophone: alto and tenor, and drum set). The praise and worship department meet every Wednesday (7:30-9pm) for practice, while the instrumentalists meet every Tuesday for practice (7-9pm).

In Great Light, we believe in service as a pathway for spiritual growth, knowledge and development. We are taught that as we service God’s House, He in turn services our life. We serve to impact other’s life and make connections as a unit–God’s Family. God’s House is a spiritual Hospital to treat all kinds of emergencies, so when we serve well, He will serve as right, a two-way traffic that ends at the point of everyone’s blessing. Please note that as much as we want you to serve God on our teams and departments, some positions are sensitive and for the safety of everyone, you might undergo criminal record check.