Women’s Fellowship

We are the Devoted Vessels of Jesus Christ! If you are a woman, please be proud of who you are! God created you as a helpmeet for your partner (if you are unmarried, you still have a purpose to fulfill on earth). Marriage is not the only determinant of success in the eyes of God. As a matter of fact, God loves His single daughters because they have more to offer to Him than the married ones. Nonetheless, God is proud of His daughters and He has great plans for your life. We are the foundation of every institution, home, empire, business and kingdoms. We are the tools God uses to bring the best in everyone around us. Without us, God’s plans for families will not pen out. This is why it is important for us to be spiritually equipped with good meals from the bosom of Our Father God so we can blossom into the very vineyards of God. We meet on Saturdays @ 1:30-3:00pm to use the Word of God taught by the Anointed prophet of God as the basis to talk about our lives in general and how to carry out our God-given responsibilities in ways that not only please God but to make our own lives much breathable. Our responsibilities are huge and sometimes we are not given the credit we deserve so how do we look unto Jesus for our strength, power, wisdom and everything without creating a separate time for us to ponder on the Word and to think deeply on how to apply it to our lives? We are role models for our home, so let’s come together to bring God’s plans into fruition! Hallelujah!
We are therefore, mandated attend this session. Remember also that women are not just mothers to their household but most importantly God’s Kingdom, communities, and our nations. We are the bedrock of our families and we need to be Christ-centered so that satan does not beguile us like he did to Eve. We will also break bread together after sharing the spiritual meals and applying them to our life. For more information please call 604.329.5195. You can also email us at dvoted@greatlighthealingministries.org