Understanding the Secrets of Operating in God’s Kind of Faith

This teaching is a 3 part series with deep insights into the application of faith in our lives as believers. Faith is often talked about by every Christian but sadly, not many of us understand the operationalization of it. Many of the prophets of the Bible walked with God in faith, Moses, Elijah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Samuel, Nathan, just to name a few. Even in the New Testament, we have heard about how Jesus and the apostles walked in faith. Unfortunately, in this world of instantaneousness, our brain is programmed to receive answers from God quickly without having to do anything and if we can’t get it quickly, then we help ourselves by going through other avenues. In these series we learn that to be successful in God is not by just praying and waiting, but we need to apply active faith, God’s Kind of faith. This kind of faith is the ones that moves mountains and overcomes every problem in our life. The Man of God says that the secret of victory in God’s Kingdom is the secret of faith, however, we must be born of God to be overcomers. Like it is written, for this is the victory that overcomes the world even our faith in Christ Jesus. We are told that we must take the shield of faith so that we can fight forces of darkness, principalities and powers, et cetera and overcome. Faith, as we learn, is designed to manifest all the works of God while destroying all the works of the devil. Therefore, whatever God can do is what faith can do. As you learn further, you will learn some unique facts about faith, the different kinds of understandings that play important role in our Christian lives and how operating in the supernatural sense realm to succeed. Our eyes get opened even further to know that to even walk in the supernatural sense realm, we need to operate in and be filled with God’s love. With this kind of love we are able to receive special announcements from God concerning our destinies and helps us to get to our destinations on time. Additinally, we are taught how to speak in faith and how to know that the spirit of faith has come upon us and that in speaking in faith we need the power for positive confession and declarations of our special announcements in our lives daily. Finally, the series end with being taught the different kinds of faith that we must possess to see tangible manifestations of our practiced faith. You too will be thrilled on what you have missed in your Christian walk and you will begin to understand why things are the way they are. God bless you for investing in your walk with God.

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