Understanding Kingdom Secrets for Walking in Success

Facts About Success
1. Be a spiritual man. Receive power after Spirit comes. Spirituality establishes. How spiritual you are determines your ascension in success with God.
2. Heavenly locations. Sworn blessings. God does break protocol.
3. Wisdom is waiting for us in the Heavens. Spirituality provokes wisdom. Only spiritual can handle wisdom.
4. Every struggle and challenge starts in spirit. Therefore every victory starts in spirit. Only spiritual enjoy victory. Free of oppression.
Four Types of Christians
a. Sinner. Won’t give heart.
b. Carnal. Controlled by flesh and senses
c. Spiritual.
d. Mad. Lost true mind of Christ.
Pathways of Spirituality
1. Walking by faith exclusively not by sight. Ruled by faith sense. A friend of God. Deciding to be ruled by faith perspectives makes a man become spiritual. Speaking with bold expectations like Abraham.
2. Living by the active mind of Christ.
a. Restoring creation to its originality, providing salvation for sinners.
b. Sharing perspectives of His humility and obedience.
c. Being good and compassionate.
d. Depending on our Father.
Blessings of the Spiritual
1. Seated with God.
2. Access to voices of God.
3. Living above deception.
4. Living life of peace.
How to Develop in Spirituality
Carnal think about right now not long-term. They don’t walk by faith but by sight. They don’t have hope in the things unseen. They are easily offended. They are blind to wisdom. Too emotional. Out of check emotions make a firewall between the Christian and destiny. They’re okay with hate, strife, unforgiveness and envy. Refusing to subscribe to God’s ways. They are dead. Mind isn’t renewed. Can’t handle spiritual weapons. Easily defeated because no effective weapons. Just ignorant.
The way God gives people money is different! Carnal are bankrupt of blessings. Blind to the presence of Angels. Believe God completely to please Him; to impress Him!! Insane feel tortured when God is getting close. Prodigal son felt tortured and oppressed. Thought he was better/smarter than his father. Carnality can lead to insanity.
Spirituality is not inherited but developed.
1. Born again or else blocked away.
2. Be baptized in HG. It’s to drive you like Jesus was driven into the wilderness.
3. Educate your human spirit thoroughly. Feed your spirit with revealed Word / Interpreted Truth as to make a connection with God’s Spirit.
Candle of the Lord searches inward parts of belly.
Mingle your spirit with God’s Spirit to influence your natural intellect and enjoy the life of Christ’s family. Together. His past suffering become you’re suffering. Now, be glorified together.
Wisdom Principles and Facts
A. Education requires meditation on truth learned.
Reach a breaking point. Make time with God.
Get perspective through meditation. Observe to know. Meditation on the Word forms a man. This is relating with God. Get life and get quickened.
B. As you meditate, respond by practicing Word of God. Don’t delay. Damn the devil.
Don’t be anxious but relaxed and bold. Be clear and say what you want. Be desperate but not anxious. Breath down and approach every situation with Boldness of Heaven.
4. Attend to God’s Word making it first place in your life. God hates to be second place. When issues come up turn to God first. The more you do this the more God works with you. You can’t boom without Holy Ghost ministration.
Seek God on the start of every new journey.
God deals with agony quickly. Come to God well and He’ll respond. It doesn’t take time. My Father is not sleeping.
5. Demand of right association. God deals with you according to your relationships. Lot could see the things that Abraham could see. When God moves He moves His people forward. Lot was moved forward with Abraham.
6. Demand of being planted in God’s house. Which school you choose makes a difference. The same is true with God’s house.
Spiritual Church manifests spiritual people.
A Harvard prof is different than a UBC prof. There’s a Church and there’s a Church. I will make a place for Israel and plant them and they won’t be afflicted because they became spiritual. They were planted in the garden and when God kick them out, suffering started. While in the garden, while planted, God visited them and they had access to God but then they became ordinary. To be planted is to be under and to be humble. The planted flourish.

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