Understanding Kingdom Platforms for Power

This is another powerful series that will channel your life on the right path for real success as an individual, a family person, married or single, business owner, student or a parent. In this day and age, everything around our life is about trying hard to succeed on every level. However, we have come to understand that there are certain forces we cannot control and overcome in our lives no matter how much medications we take or the series of positive talks, affirmations, and the myriads of therapies that we subscribe to. Consequently, we need the power of God to manifest in our lives. But, how do we obtain it, especially, that we know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of powers of darkness in high places? Pastor Abraham Jones, teaches us that all the thoughts of God concerning our life are good, but the devil, our adversary, likes to thwart the plans of God for us. Hence, the acquisition, and the operationalization of God’s power is inevitable. Jesus Himself had to pray for Peter because Satan wanted to sift him. Why, because satan knew that Peter was the Rock, the foundation of modern day Christianity, so satan wanted to oppose the plans of God for Peter.
To avoid satan for ruining the plans of God for us, The Man of God says in these teachings that, “Every door of success attracts the envy of men, and the devil fights against it. And, every giving of God is every want to get of the devil. The issue of power is nonnegotiable because we have nonnegotiable enemy who enters into people to militate against God’s plans for His own. This is why we need power.” Furthermore, he defines what power is, the importance of prayers and how to use it to provoke powers. Power, as The Man of God teaches us, commands peace, and he elaborates on the different aspects of how we can use power to achieve much in God. As you listen prayerfully and apply all instructions provided in the teachings, you will be properly positioned to obtain the power of God because you will be fortified and equipped to do just that. This is a must get series for every new or old Christian. God bless you for investing in your walk with God so that you can share your testimonies with others.

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