Men’s Fellowship

We are the leaders of leaders of The Kingdom of God! This is who we are by divine design of God. Yet, due to our manly personalities, we allow satan to keep us in the backseat and take away our birthright from us. In this day and age, it is becoming too obvious that women, our wives and partners are taking on leadership positions in God’s House while we sit and cower in corners as though we do not know who we are. This status quo must change! We must and we are going to take back what is rightfully ours! Our positions are leaders in God’s Kingdoms cannot be taken from us. We shall not Esaulize our birthright for no morsel of bread or a bowl of soup. That is all going to be in the past now. In Great Light, we the men are God’s future generation of leaders. To take back what satan has stolen from us, we need to get together and learn from the Word of God being taught by our perfect example of what our divine destiny should look like by applying the teachings to our day to day life at work, home, business, and everywhere else! If you are a man, you are mandated to join this force to change the story. We will pray together and break the bread after sharing how to become who we must become by sharing the teachings. Your presence is needed here on every Saturday 11-1pm at Nursery Department. Please note that attendance to this meeting goes towards your membership in Great Light. Stand up for the truth; stand up for your God-given position! The Kingdom of God needs you very urgently. For more information, contact Bro. Noel 778.238.0206 or email us at