Cell Groups/Home Fellowships

Jesus started His Ministry on Earth by engaging in small groups. He first invited some people after praying all night and He was led by The Holy Spirit to do so. The apostles also continued the Ministry of Jesus Christ by inviting people into their homes in form of fellowships. Daily they broke bread, prayed for each other and strengthened the feeble knees. Once again, we are here to continue that tradition by inviting you into the comfort of our homes to share The Word of God taught by our God-Ordained Man of God who is full of Scriptural insights, wisdom and deep understanding of The Word of God in an unsurpassing measure. If you want to grow in your walk with God, this is where you begin that journey. We will have time to break the bread and pray with you after we have discussed the teachings. The reason being that it is not enough for you or I to be in God’s presence once a week and be able to practice what we are learning. Cell group or home fellowship formats create the foundation for you to ask questions and synthesize the Word of God taught to your understanding so that you can easily apply it like ointment or lotion to every situation of life. Come join us on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30pm. locations are announced in service. For more information and how to participate, contact us at wehost@greatlighthealingministries.org. We are looking forward to having you in our midst!