Make God Work For Your Marriage

do not wait until you lose everything

Before Finding Keys To Unlock The Closed Doors Against Your Marriage… Whether you’re already married or yet to marry, remarry, or dating, don’t wait until you lose your chances of marrying or destroy your relations before you realise that you have made the wrong choice of a partner or you have made indelible mistakes of your life.

You Are Encouraged To Learn From The World’s Best Expert In Marriage.

The Speaker, Prophet Abraham Jones, is an Anointed Prophet of God who, by the special grace of God, has salvaged many broken homes in their hundreds and still counting. Yours is not too late for God to step in, but you must do the needful. Register now and save your neck from longstanding wells of tears.

The Bibles says, “If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3).

you cannot afford to miss it!

Unless you have given up on your hopes for God to prepare you for the right future partner, one given by God and not by your emotions, this is NOT an event you want to miss.

Take It From Those Of Us Who Have Divorced Before

  • It’s painful, costly, time consuming and senseless
  • Many end up sick or dead through it all
  • The children suffer now and forever
  • And your future, regardless of how much you pretend and mask the issues, will remain bleak and full of regrets, until Jesus Christ shows you mercy to marry again, which is always a process of recovery.

Marriage is more than getting to know someone and moving in with them. Why don’t you make this one work by bringing God into it? Or, why don’t you prepare yourself for a journey of success by attending this conference?

This is a needful conference for everyone, including the unmarried.

find the answers from this upcoming conference

what did i miss from the first conference?

Some of the incredible, eye-opening scriptural truths that were shared in the last conference included:

  1. Marriage is a mystery from God.
  2. God instituted it and it has hidden acts.
  3. The Law of Faith
  4. Why you and your spouse need this order of faith
  5. Supernatural favours of God
  6. And many more amazing God-given insights

You must endeavour to obtain your copy of the first Conference — Your Marriage, The Scriptural Way so that you can add the part 2 teachings to the ones from part 1, thereby, building a solid foundation for your marriage now, or the anticipated one. In following this order, your learning and takeaways are in sequential order.

what people are saying about the last conference

“This conference was an eye opening one, and contrary to what all marriage pros have taught me before about marriage.”

“I realized that I was not prepared before engaging on such a spiritual journey with my spouse, and that was a hit in the head kind of an experience.”

“Prophet Abraham Jones spoke with such an anointing, yet it was laughterful!”

what are you waiting for?

No amount of money can buy a happy, blissful, God-Centered and God-operated kind of marriage to make you fulfill your destiny in God, so don’t deprive yourself of what is worth more than the amount for purchasing a ticket because you think it is too costly.

Register now before the seats are sold out on this one as it was in the first conference. Don’t wait until last minute!


Bringing God Back Into My Marriage


November 2021


12057 88th Ave, Surrey, BC – V3W 3J3

(Volume #1 was held on February 10, 2021 @ 6pm via live streaming.)


After November 1st, ticket will cost you addition of $150/person unless you had a very good reason.


+1 (604) 598.0084

“good things last because people invest in them”