How to become a member in Great Light Healing Ministries Intl: City of Faith

We are happy that you want to join the fold of Christ Jesus and fulfill His will for mankind through this great Ministry. You are welcome and may God bless you for making such a great decision. To become a member of Great Light, there is a process that must be followed. Great Light is not like every other church. The Word of God is alive here. There are tangible proofs all from God’s Word. Great Light is raising a generation of a royal priesthood who God can use to touch the lives of the lost and dying all around the world.

As a royal priesthood, we are a “chosen people, and a holy nation (1 Peter 2:9)” called to set high standards for the nations to authenticate the kingship and rulership as well as the supremacy of God, the Almighty. In God’s Kingdom, everything must be done decently and orderly. (1 Corinthians 14:40). But, we are living in a generation where anything and everything goes in the Churches and unfortunately, they taint the name of Jesus Christ and the glory He had always wanted to show to the world. This is why many people have no respect for Christianity. People easily pay homage to other religions except Christianity. This destroys the name of Jesus Christ as mentioned in Romans 2:24, “For the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through you”. This must change and must start from a true House of God where we stand up for Christ’s name shamelessly.

We are what the world sees when they want to see the true character, qualities and attitudes of Jesus Christ in a bodily form. As much as we are to be merciful, we cannot destroy our foundation of Christ just to receive and accept all. Great Light Healing Ministries is “God’s own Zion, Harvard of the Holy Spirit, and God’s Headquarter in North America and Centre for Scriptural Excellence.” We are called to “please God through the Word of faith and take the healing power of God all across the globe.” This vision permeates through all that we do because we do not want to lose the vision God has for Great Light and miss the mark of the calling upon the Anointed Servant of God. As such, before you are considered a member of our, you must be ready and willing to meet all criteria.

Despite the process you will undergo to become a member, there are so many benefits you will derive from it that it is not limited to Spiritual growth. These benefits extend to the physical, mental, emotional and financial areas of your life. However, it is only for those who are willing to go through the process.

Remember that there is a process you must go through to become a citizen of a country. But, when it comes to the Church/Ministry of God, there are no rules, order or structure—anything goes. The one reason why many of us do not respect becoming a member of living church of God that is built on the Word of God is due to us not going through a similar process to become citizens of God’s Kingdom. In Christianity, everyone is free to do whatever they want and however they want it. Decadence and insubordination is our mantra. Yet, Jesus Christ is meek, humble, submissive, gentle, leadable, teachable and full of reverence. We see this in the way He lived on Earth in effort to fulfill the great commission of God—reconciling the world to God. In modern day Christianity, division, hatred, dissention, disrespect/dishonour, disorderliness, and every evil character and works are easily identifiable in almost every so-called church. Jesus is no longer who follow. We follow our wits and whims. We are our own God, Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ and no one can tell us what to do. Even our children and family members could not truthfully and honestly say to another that we are truly representing our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour, the One we claim to have received and love. This is why Christianity is viewed as a religion and not spirituality.

Our lives have completely shifted from the realities of The Bible and many believers of Jesus Christ or God do not even understand why we are called Christians. And, until we come to terms with the fact that we are far from the truth of our faith, beliefs and values as children of God, the world and other skeptics have every reason to not trust us, believe us and respect who we are, what we do and what we represent. Today is the day for reckoning. You must think about what kind of Christian you want to be and how you want to be it, and then make up your mind to join the body of Christ to live a life that pleases God. Let’s renew our mind and serve God wisely and not be perished with this world (Hosea 4:6). Your membership in this God-founded and ordained Ministry would make a difference in changing the status quo. It will add to a number of individuals who are determined to bring back the glory of God into His Sanctuaries and you can become an epistle of Jesus Christ. As the popular saying goes, “Be the change you want to see” or be the change you want the world to see.” So, let this change begin with you.

1. Who should join this Ministry and when is the right time to do so?

-If you believe in what is said above and want to join hands in making a difference you can join us.
-Think about why you believe you want to become a member of Great Light and if it is the right time for you to do so.
-Examine your life and state the things you really want to change, add, remove and repair in your life so that you know that you have some sort of a need or two. Because until you have a need you will not have the need to seek God and therefore no need to join.
-Write down what you are demanding or requesting from God, focusing on the Word of God.
-Ask yourself if you are ready to commit your life to becoming a true representative of Christ Jesus and whether or not you are ready to go through that process of becoming.
-If you believe that you can leave a legacy for anyone in your family or even your friends as a child of God, or The Kingdom of God then it is time to join us!

2. Membership Application Process

1. Fill out the online application/Personal Profile. This constitutes your personal profile so spend time filling it out properly. This is what makes us to know you a bit more besides dealing with you in person.
In the online application, you are required to fill out your: Full name, Gender, Date of birth, Country of birth, Local address (no post office boxes please), Name of the Church you attended before (if you were a Christian before coming to Great Light).
2. Church Name and information (If you are newly migrated to Canada)Emergency contacts (someone related to you by blood)

a. If no one is located here locally, then put someone who is close to you (Landlord, Employer, lawyer or doctor)
b. Submit personal profile

3. Letter from the Pastor of your previous church (If you were attending church before)
4. Employment details (how are you supporting yourself and/or family)
5. Educational qualifications, skills, experiences and Interests. Please elaborate on skills you possess, your experience (both professional and non-professional) as well as your interests. Once your application is received, you will be notified.

3. Fundamental Requirements For Becoming A Member of Great Light

1. Must be a believer of Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Saviour or ready to accept Him who give evidence of regeneration by living consistently with their profession and with the views of faith, doctrine and practice of this Ministry.
2. Attend and complete 8-week orientation course (once a week on Mondays from 6:30pm to 8:30pm). This happens once a year and the schedule is always announced. Please stay tuned for this announcement.
3. Regular attendance in activities apart from Sunday Services as well as House Fellowships, if applicable, (6 months consecutive attendance) is a must
4. Must attend general meetings and other urgent meetings set in place
5. Believe in our purpose, values and beliefs, motto, vision, mission, and policies as outlined in the Bylaws
6. Discover, develop and deploy your spiritual gifts as confirmed and ordained by The Man of God, Prophet Abraham (Barry) Jones Suman-Chineye, (the Founding Minister/Priest), in the ministries of Great Light;
7. Be diligent to live according to the statements of the covenant
8. Faithful attendance to all services and activities for a consecutive period of 3 years with no more than 6 absences, except for absenteeism due to emergencies, illness and being out of town or for other critical reasons. This is because regular attendance in God’s House does not mean Sundays only
9. Practicing the Word of God taught here in Great Light must be your daily habit
10. Submissiveness to leaders is a must—No exceptions
11. Participation in in-House activities and other service areas is a must
12. Protect the Unity of Brethren
13. Staying away from outside/inside gossips against Mommy and the Man of God or your fellow brethren is imperative
14. You must believe in sacrificial Giving (Tithes, offerings, and special seed sowings based personal covenant with God)

1. Become a student of the Word of God being taught in the Ministry
2. You must be committed to prayers for self, the Ministry and the work of God;
3. Make a commitment to personal evangelism or soul winning and praying for the souls to be established;
4. Encourage scriptural stewardship of time, tithes and offerings, and other Biblical ordinances observed by this Ministry.
5. Do not engage in creating divisions (cliques), confusion, breaking ranks or rubbing shoulders with spiritual authorities and causing anyone to backslide in their faith or walk with God;
6. Put in the effort to live a good acceptable Christian life like The Lord Jesus is showing via the life of the Priest, the Founder;
7. Be diligent to support the vision of the Ministry
8. Not be a party to spreading of rumours and backlashes, whether against the Ministry, the Founding Minister/Priest or any of the members;
9. Not break any rules set in place that make the Ministry run smoothly;
10. Not connive with anyone to cause harm to the Ministry, the Founding Minister/Priest or any members;
11. Not be a party to propagating news that will bring this Ministry into disrepute
12. No participating in gang or gang-like activities
13. Be ready to undergo criminal record check and submission of personal profile if wanting to participate in any ministerial services that exposes a person to the members (children, youth, greeting/ushering, etc.).

15. Must participate in mediation and conflict resolution process whenever necessary
16. Must not engage in defamatory activities of any kind
17. Must be of godly conduct when dealing with fellow brethren to avoid smearing the Name of Christ in the mud.
18. Must not engage in activities that can lead to legal proceedings like disrespect to The Man of God or the
19. Must not join other churches and people to persecute The Ministry, The Priest or any member (subject to legal action being taken against you)
20. Must not engage in providing false witness/statements or frame anyone up for any reason. You must seek remedy for issues rather than becoming agent of the devil to become destructive to your fellow brother in the same household of faith
21. Must not tell lies or make up stories against anyone including the Man of God, the Ministry or the members
22. Take care of the Church property as your own

4. Membership Confirmation

Membership confirmation card would be issued to you after meeting these requirements. Please be ready for the ceremony once the time comes. We celebrate your membership confirmation because finding a people of like mindedness, focus, vision, goal and purpose is not a cheap talk and it is worth celebrating when that process comes to full cycle. Please note that membership is valid for a period of one (1) year only and renewable. This means, you must renew your membership yearly by doing all of the above as well as any changes made to the membership criteria. Please note that if you are not a member or have not fulfilled the criteria for membership and anything happens to you, may God forbid, do not expect Great Light Healing Ministries to be there for you. We pray God’s grace and blessings upon you as you join us to serve God the right way—The Bible way. God bless you richly.

5. Benefits of Becoming a Member of Great Light

1. You will be supported by the family of God when the need arise
2. You will have the platform to serve God in different service areas
3. You will learn much about professional development…
4. Your service can get you a good reference for pursuing your career, etc.
5. You will learn about new opportunities for development and growth (spirit, soul and body)
6. You will be a part of networking and peer community building for Jesus Christ
7. As you volunteer put your skills to use in other areas and you end up building your skills
8. You can receive help in critical times of your life because that is what we are supposed to do—to bear each other’s burdens and share in their joy
9. You will learn good leadership skills that are to be useful to you in the future
10. You will learn about professional standards and ethics
11. God can trust you to become a leader in certain areas as time goes on
12. God can make you to become a pastor of one of the branches of The Ministry after you are well trained, chosen and ordained by the Founding Priest so you can continue the great work of God elsewhere in helping to touch lives and propagating the gospel of Christ with the vision of this Ministry to the parts of the world untouched.
13. You can build a relationship, a lasting, godly one, with people of same faith and beliefs, to make you to never feel lonely

6. What Constitute Termination of Membership From Great Light?

In addition to the list under “Fundamental Requirements for membership,” membership shall be terminated immediately in the following ways:
1. By death;
2. By dismissal by another church;
3. By disciplinary action of the Ministry as provided in 1.6. of The Ministry’s Bylaws;
4. By erasure upon joining with a Church of another denomination;
5. By personal request to be removed from membership;
6. Committing acts that are against The Bible or the Christian faith;
7. Committing crimes against humanity that might compromise the image of the Ministry, the Founding Minister/Priest and members;
8. Being found guilty of an offence but refusing to repent, and go through with the necessary disciplinary measures or make amends;
9. Threatening the life of the Founding Minister/Priest, his family, or any member of the Ministry
10. Any behaviour that is deemed as a disrespect or dishonour to the Priest, or his representative;
11. Carelessly breaking the rules, covenant and operational structure of the Ministry without remorse or recourse;
12. Failure to abide by the rules, structure and regulations of the Ministry set in place as well as found in the Bylaws;
Note: Letters of dismissal shall be granted only to other Ministries of like faith and order, and not individual members that question termination of membership. Termination can be done verbally and/or with written letter.

7. Consequences For Breaching Any of The Above Conditions

Rules are made to be enforced so that everyone is treated fairly and on the same page. There are so many things that a member is not allowed to do that when they breach the confidence of the fold, they will need to be expelled, excommunicated and or penalized for it. Often times, people blame satan or the devil for something they did with clear mind and eyes. They open themselves up to be used by the devil and blame the devil for things that were preventable, avoidable and manageable. Failure to comply with doctrines, rules, regulations and policies that make the Ministry run smoothly, would result in your membership being revoked. Which means you will not be offered certain services that members enjoy and as far as we are concerned, you will not be cared for the same way that members are cared for. Upon breaching any of the conditions above, you automatically become disqualified from membership of Great Light and you will be excommunicated, depending on the magnitude of the offence.

In addition, if found guilty of being instrumental in perpetuating evil against anyone here including the Ministry property, you will likely face legal consequences and probably be charged with treachery or treason. This rule applies to non-members equally. Furthermore, depending on the severity of the case, you will be charged to the court of law for legal prosecution. This is because we do not want to harbour or encourage “wolves in sheep clothing” in the body of Christ. Yes, there is forgiveness but not when someone goes as far as destroying another’s life. We also do not we want another body of Christ to suffer from something that someone did that could have been stopped or prevented from happening again. We are trying to stop dragging the name and image of Christ Jesus and God in the mud. Remember that we are to protect the lives of believers of Jesus Christ so that we know for a certainty that the devil or satan is the only accuser of the brethren and the persecutor of our faith that we are dealing and fighting with. God bless you for your understanding.

If you read the above statement and understood, please fill the application form to apply for it.